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NordVPN is a robust and speedy VPN with plenty of servers and locations, P2P optimized servers, and Double VPN make for an appealing service. It supports both WireGuard (NordLynx) and OpenVPN; speeds aren’t as fast when using OpenVPN, which is to be expected. Renewal prices are a little higher than others but overall, this is a quality VPN with all the features you need and with plenty to offer for all levels of users.


+Regularly audited to confirm no logging claims
+Unblocks most streaming services
+Excellent Split Tunneling Support
+Great speeds over most locations
+Effective kill switch
+Speedy live chat support


-Some slight connection issues on occasion.
-Above-average renewal prices

NordVPN is one of those brands you consistently hear about or see now and then, either through the radio, YouTube, or TV ads, you name it. They market well and on a global scale.

They have a vast amount of servers and locations that are reportedly very fast. The website and the apps look great but is the hype real? We will find out.

In this article, we will explore NordVPN’s network speeds.

NordVPN Features:

Lowest Price:£2.89 p/m with 2 yrs upfront
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Does this VPN Keep logs?NO, proven by Audit.
Number of servers5663
Number of devices per license6
Kill switchYes
Dedicated IP?Yes - Not all Locations
DNS, WebRTC Leak Protection?Yes
Obfuscated Servers?Yes
Based in countryPanama
SupportLive Chat, KB, Email
Supports Streaming?Yes
Supports Torrents?Yes - Not all Locations
Supports Tor In-App?Yes
Protocols Supported?OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2
RAM Disks?Yes (Reportedly)
Port SpeedsA mixture of 1 and 10Gbps port speeds.
Warrant Canary?No
Port Forwarding?No
Should I? Yes.Buy Now

Network and Speeds:

For many, speed is the number one priority, latency is also significant, especially while gaming, and it seems NordVPN duly delivers. Note that speeds will vary over different protocols. Wireguard is one of the fastest VPN protocols available but can only connect over UDP, which can be problematic for some, be sure your VPN provider supports it. NordVPN does.

We tested the most common locations available, and testing was done on a reasonably powerful system through a 1 Gbit line within the UK.

Tested using a 1 Gbps line:

USA - NY500Mbps25.3Mbps116msNordLynx (Wireguard)Dedipath
USA - Chicago526Mbps27.0Mbps149msNordLynx (Wireguard)Packethub
USA - FL512Mbps29.7Mbps126msNordLynx (Wireguard)M247
USA - LA515Mbps37.6Mbps172msNordLynx (Wireguard)M247
Canada - Toronto526Mbps31.7Mbps149msNordLynx (Wireguard)Packethub
Canada - Vancouver524Mbps35.0Mbps177msNordLynx (Wireguard)Packethub
Argentina15Mbps4.5Mbps268msNordLynx (Wireguard)Baehost
Mexico378Mbps34.7Mbps217msNordLynx (Wireguard)Packethub
Brazil351Mbps18.8Mbps226msNordLynx (Wireguard)Packethub
United Kingdom375Mbps24.7Mbps37msNordLynx (Wireguard)
Germany538Mbps50.1Mbps34msNordLynx (Wireguard)Packethub
Netherlands524Mbps49.1Mbps56msNordLynx (Wireguard)Packethub
France447Mbps49.9Mbps32msNordLynx (Wireguard)M247
Sweden534Mbps49.8Mbps54msNordLynx (Wireguard)M247
Italy525Mbps49.7Mbps56msNordLynx (Wireguard)Datacamp Limited
AU - Sydney410Mbps18.3Mbps315msNordLynx (Wireguard)Packethub
AU - Melbourne423Mbps22.0Mbps304msNordLynx (Wireguard)Host Universal
AU - Brisbane449Mbps17.0Mbps319msNordLynx (Wireguard)Ransom IT
Hong Kong355Mbps25.6Mbps282msNordLynx (Wireguard)Packethub
Japan403Mbps22.5Mbps271msNordLynx (Wireguard)Packethub
South Korea140Mbps15.24Mbps396msNordLynx (Wireguard)KT
South Africa334Mbps24Mbps258msNordLynx (Wireguard)Psych Networks
Israel345Mbps47.4Mbps86msNordLynx (Wireguard)DataCamp

As you can see, speeds across the board are consistently fast using NordLynx (Wireguard) except for Argentina and South Korea; Argentina is a costly and limited region, so it’s to be expected. South Korea was a little hit or a miss, and sometimes speeds had been a bit erratic, much lower or a good bit higher. OpenVPN UPD/TCP and IKEv2 were always consistently slower than NordLynx.

Each location was tested 12 times over three different protocols, servers, and providers in the same region. Each test is an average based on those.

NordVPN also provides what they call “Speciality Servers” – this includes P2P capable servers and Double VPN servers.

NordVPN Desktop Interface

Double VPN servers route your traffic through two or more servers; depending on how they are set up on the server side, they can disguise the client-connecting IP and offer another layer of encryption. Again this is entirely dependent on how those servers are set up internally. There are currently around 78 servers available for Double VPN.

P2P servers appear to be optimised for downloading torrents and other P2P activities. At the time of this review, there are around 5113 P2P optimised servers in 49 locations.

Surprisingly, using both sets of servers didn’t reduce speed or latency and produced speeds similar to regular servers.

Top 3 Fastest VPNs:

9/10 - Very Fast9/10 - Very StableBuy Now
9/10 - Very Fast9/10 - Very StableBuy Now
9/10 - Very Fast9/10 - Very StableBuy Now


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