PremierVPN VPN Review – What’s on Offer from this New VPN on the Block 2023

As our lives become more and more connected, privacy and security are a greater concern than ever. A VPN can be a convenient everyday tool to help secure your browsing and offer you greater peace of mind.

PremierVPN is a new kid on the block in the VPN industry but is already gaining popularity amongst individuals and businesses alike. Thanks to its unwavering stability, no-logs policy, fast performance, and affordable pricing, it should appeal to anyone.

In this review, we’ll cover all of the most important factors when considering PremierVPN for your VPN, such as:

  • Pros and cons
  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Streaming platform support
  • Torrenting support
  • Security and privacy
  • Value for money
  • Customer support

PremierVPN Pros and Cons


  • One of the most robust VPNs around, it just stays connected!
  • Most mainstream locations
  • Affordable and flexible pricing
  • Supports up to 10+ simultaneous connections
  • Modern and user-friendly mobile apps
  • Excellent VPN for on the go.
  • Modern Encryption


  • Lacks some advanced features (split tunnelling on desktop, multi-hop, etc.)
  • Falls under 5-Eyes Alliance
  • Windows app is still in development.

Getting Started and Ease of Use

Conveniently, PremierVPN offers native apps for Mac, Android, and iOS systems with windows on the way. Across the board, their software is easy to use, even for beginners.

The website design is modern and easy on the eyes and displays perfectly well across both mobile and desktop devices.

The Android and iOS apps are modern and well-designed, extremely simple to use so that you can’t go wrong.

The design lets you do things quickly and efficiently, such as connecting to a different locations, switching protocols, or changing settings all on the fly without the need to disconnect first.

Top PremierVPN Features

PremierVPN is a relatively simplistic in design and keeps much of the complexity in the background which is great for beginners. The VPN service uses modern encryption and enhanced security capabilities. Just some of the most notable features are:

  • Kill switch: A kill switch blocks all connectivity as soon as your VPN is disconnected. This prevents unprotected traffic from your device leaking through when ending your VPN connections.
  • Adblock: This feature comes ON by default, it blocks most Ads, trackers and potentially dangerous websites and phishing attempts. Definitions are updated daily.
  • Always-Demand: While VPN on demand is turned on, you will notice your device will be connected to a VPN nearly every time you pick up your device to use it. This is because your VPN is now configured to be used when you access the internet, rather than waiting for you to toggle it on manually.

PremierVPN covers all of the basics you would expect from a VPN.

However, at this moment PremierVPN, unfortunately, doesn’t support a number of more advanced VPN features. Split Tunnelling multi-hop but hope to add more features as the app develops.

Performance – Is PremierVPN Fast and Reliable?

As a VPN bounces your connection across a number of geographically dispersed servers, a slight performance decrease is unavoidable. However, some VPNs are better than others at minimizing the impact.

PremierVPN promises not to purposefully throttle your speed or limit your bandwidth. PremierVPN may not offer as many locations and servers as other providers but it does come with one big plus, its rock solid stability and its ability to get through tough countrywide or network restrictions It’s a truly set and forget VPN.

Most of our staff agree that PremierVPN does produce in terms of performance. PremierVPN typically provides my full bandwidth with a baseline at 350Mbps which is more than enough for me.

What Streaming Services Can You Use with PremierVPN?

One widespread use for VPNs today is to unlock geo-blocked streaming services or region-specific streaming libraries.

Unfortunately, streaming sites are constantly improving the techniques they use to detect and block VPN connections. In our testing, PremierVPN did manage to unblock geo-restrictions for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, but not for Disney+, or Hulu. It did also unlock region-specific content for YouTube.

PremierVPN does offer a unique “Dedicated VPN Server.” This plan supplies you with dedicated IP addresses which should, in theory, not be blocked by most streaming services. You can also purchase separated dedicated IPs which may help you. Just keep in mind that neither option guarantees success.

Is PremierVPN Suitable for Torrenting?

Yes! There doesn’t seem to be an issue using PremierVPN with P2P or torrenting services/applications, such as uTorrent, Vuze, BitTorrent, etc.

Is PremierVPN Secure?

Simply put, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to doubt PremierVPN’s security or credentials given the fact the people behind PremierVPN have decades of experience in the VPN industry.

One catch is that PremierVPN is currently registered in the UK, which means they fall under the jurisdiction of the 5-Eyes Alliance. That being said, they still promise not to log or share any of your user activity logs or private data.

PremierVPN also uses 256-AES Encryption by default for all connections. This is top-of-the-line encryption which is nearly impossible to intercept and decipher.

What Protocols Does PremierVPN Support?

PremierVPN two different protocols for different users in different situations. You can choose from the following via the app interface:

  • UDP: UDP is fast and is best used when your objective is speed, UDP can provide low-latency and a speedier browsing experience.
  • TCP: TCP is often a little slower but with PremierVPN it comes with it’s own stealthy changes, it is extremely efficient in connecting over strict networks.

Advanced users can also manually configure their PremierVPN hostnames to use IKEv2.

Value for Money

PremierVPN offers a variety of VPN package types that will appeal to different types of users.

You can try it out for three days at just $2 USD with no limits but limited to one device.

The Standard VPN package is mainly aimed at individuals looking for an everyday VPN over a few devices.

The Pro plan lets you connect over 10 devices and comes with access to a shared “Dedicated Server” meaning you get some benefits of the Dedicated VPN server but with a low contention ratio, this means it will be shared over just a few users but offers fantastic speeds and less captcha etc.

Generally speaking, PremierVPN is on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Its month-to-month pricing is slightly cheaper than the opposition, but you can get significant discounts for subscribing for longer terms.

You can also subscribe to one of their Business VPN packages which come with a number of accounts for your employees. In this case, the pricing depends only on the number of employees you want to support and is billed monthly.

All in all, PremierVPN offers good value for money and is one of the best options if you’re looking for a budget VPN service. If you’re not convinced, there is also a free trial on request to test out this VPN.

Does PremierVPN Offer Good Customer Support?

PremierVPN offers 24/7 customer support via live chat and even over the phone most of the day, You can also contact them via email or the ticketing system.

Support reps are online for quick live chat sessions, although it’s not typically used for serious issues. We also haven’t faced any problems contacting support or having our queries looked at promptly. Support agents are generally helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable, which is not always the case for VPNs.

PremierVPN also offers many self-help resources in the form of a knowledge base and an extensive FAQ.

PremierVPN – The Verdict

PremierVPN hits the bullseye where it matters most: security, speed, and convenience. A truly set and forget VPN with excellent stability, I have never had a VPN that does this so well, it gives me great peace of mind. While it may be a little short on locations compared to others and missing some more advanced features and widespread streaming support, it does everything a VPN is supposed to and does it well. Considering its affordable pricing, it’s a VPN that everyone should at least have on their radar.

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